• Why become an Apprentice Dental Nurse?

    At Tempdent we’ve been running Dental Nurse Apprenticeships for nearly 20 years and with some of the highest success rates in the industry.

  • Why do a Dental
    Nurse Apprenticeship?

    As an Apprentice Dental Nurse you gain the skills, expertise and qualifications you need to succeed. It’s a fantastic alternative to university!

Traineeship Programmes

Traineeships are a national programme which provide 19 to 24-year-olds resident in England with the skills and work experience needed to progress into apprenticeships, employment, and further learning.

During these uncertain times it is extremely valuable to be given the opportunity to increase your skills, qualifications and improve your cv to help you enter secure employment, hopefully with an apprenticeship.

The Tempdent Traineeship programme will prepare you to enter the dental profession as a dental nurse, however there may occasionally be different career opportunities available.

What you will get

The Tempdent Traineeship programme is typically a 12-week programme but can be less if you secure a job beforehand, or longer if needed. The Traineeship programme is tailored to suit your individual needs. The programme will include the following.

  • Work preparation training
  • A high-quality work placement
  • Maths & English qualifications (where needed)
  • Essential Digital Skills qualification (where needed)

Entry Requirements

You may be eligible to do a Traineeship if you:

  • Are aged 19-24 years old (or aged 25 with an EHCP)
  • Were 19 or older on the 1st August 2020
  • Are unemployed, or are working on a flexible, casual or zero hours contract.
  • Have little or no work experience and want to progress into secure employment with an apprenticeship.
  • If we assess you as being able to progress to secure employment and an apprenticeship within six months of starting the Traineeship

Programme Structure

Delivery days and times:

Monday-Thursday 9.30am-3.30pm until the work placement commences. Once the work placement commences the days and hours will vary in line with your requirements.

Please note that if you do not need to complete Maths, English or Digital skills, the hours that you attend will be reduced.

You will have your travel and other expenses paid back to you during your work placement, and you may also be entitled to additional support and/or funding throughout the programme.

Due to the current National lockdown, the programme delivery for the first couple of cohorts will be online. Please let a member of our team know if you do not have access to a computer or laptop or Wi-Fi. Please note that all work placements will take place face to face in person, and strict COVID-19 rules will be in place throughout.


The ideal outcome is that by the end of the Traineeship you will have.

  • obtained secure employment, usually with an apprenticeship opportunity
  • completed any outstanding Maths, English and Digital Skills qualifications
  • Even if you decide that dentistry is not for you, you will have been provided with a written reference from your work placement.

Start Dates

We have monthly intakes to the traineeship programmes. For more information and to book your place please click here

You may be eligible for government funding called Learner Support funding, which is available for certain learners with a specific financial hardship which prevents them from being able to take part in learning.
Please speak to our Training admin team for further information about Learner Support funding, and whether you would be eligible.


Apprenticeship Case Studies