National Apprenticeship Week 2023 Round up - Skills for Life!

National Apprenticeship Week 2023 Round up - Skills for Life!

You may have noticed lots of fun and informative posts on our social media platforms this week! From the 6th February 2023 to 12th February 2023 it has been National Apprenticeship Week! 

Having delivered apprenticeships in some shape or another for the last 25 years  we have seen first-hand the benefits and prospective opportunities an apprenticeship can offer. And this has been the perfect time to showcase the amazing connections we have with our apprentices, partner employers ,and within our own team as we have grown together over the years. It's real show case of one of our most important values 'One Tempdent' that says 'We welcome everybody with open arms. We are supportive, encouraging and nurturing of each other and recognise that as One Tempdent we are stronger'.

Let’s reflect on some of the highlights for this week…

Launch Day Monday

We kicked off this week with our coffee morning. The best way for you to get to know Tempdent is to ‘Meet the Team’, which you can find on our Instagram Page here

Employer Tuesday 

Now that you got to know some of the Tempdent team, we wanted you to meet some of our Partners Employers. A few of our lovely partners collaborated with us to let you know their advice as an employer. 

You can watch some of these Portman Dentalcare, Bupa Dentalcare , Rodericks Dental and Colosseum Dental

We also shared several key facts about Dentistry and even had a game of guess the Catchphrase.  Did you work any out?

Apprentice Wednesday

You heard from us. You heard from our Partners. But  we wanted to introduce you to the stars of the show , our amazing apprentices! We had so many of our lovely apprentices talking about their journeys with Tempdent.  What a way to celebrate them! Check our  socials to hear more about their inspirational journeys. Here's a great example, watch Teigan here and Georgina here

Traineeship Thursday 

Did you know that the Traineeship is a course that helps you build the foundations of your Apprenticeship? The Pre Apprenticeship Traineeship programme is another route that can help you on to our Apprenticeship Programme, find out more on our Instagram page.

Celebrations Friday 

Through all the hard work, we need to take some time to celebrate all the achievements. Another has gone by, and we wanted to celebrate the all the astounding work our fantastic apprentices that have achieved their Dental Nursing qualification by creating a yearbook for the class of 2022!  Open the yearbook by clicking on the image below to see just a small sample of our newly qualified nurses! 

Parents & Carer’s Saturday

This Saturday we wanted to bring it home… Our two Directors Lorraine Nadel and Daniel Redland, being parents of two teenagers, know the concerns of any parent or carer. That is why Saturday was dedicated to showing you how the apprenticeship can help you progress into the future and provide you with ‘Skills for Life’.

There are so many choices for young people so we tried to explain how an apprenticeship is a really good option! Watch here and hear from Mike Wheeler from Health Education England about the routes that open up in Dentistry through apprenticeships.

Selfie Sunday

Selfie Sunday was an opportunity to show the diversity in our learner, employers and tutors all sharing their happy smiling faces! 

Did you notice the #ONETempdent on every post? Working together to harness the best for everyone is core to how Tempdent works.  One Tempdent includes all our staff, our partners, employers and apprentices – former, current and even prospective. Everyone’s contribution has made Tempdent the proud name it is today!

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone for all your help and contribution toward National Apprenticeship Week! This year has unexpectedly swept us off our feet with the large number of written posts, photos, and videos. If we were unable to post your contribution, we are incredibly sorry and hope you truly know how much we appreciate the time and effort you have put into it. We know now that next year will be bigger and better so we will ensure that we do not leave anything out!

Let's all celebrate Apprenticeships and Skills for Life!

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  • Lorraine, I would like to thank you for the exemplary work under taken by your staff. From the point of contact, Trish showed me compassion and understanding. The support shown to me was truly amazing. It was Tempdent that placed me at Carnaby street nearly 20 yrs ago!
    Gloria Balfourth - Carnaby Street Dental Practice
  • Dr Rhaman was very impressed with the service you provided to him, the turnaround was amazing at such short notice. Due to this Woodside Dental will now use Tempdent going forward
    Woodside Dental Practice
  • I have been working with Tempdent for over a year and I'm very happy . I have never been out of work , they are make sure that work is local so i don't travel far. Everyone at Tempdent is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Tempdent.
    Dorota C - Tempdent Temp
  • I have been a temp for the last few years and have been very happy with the work I get. I get great satisfaction going to different practices and having feedback from the staff at Tempdent – they make me feel part of a team. If I have problems they are always there to help too.
    Lisa T - Tempdent Temp
  • You have all been very supportive of me and wonderful to work with! My thanks to you and the team for all your help and support!
    Cheryl L - Tempdent Temp
  • I am so pleased with the level of communication and support I am getting from you and the agency.
    Anna V - Tempdent Temp
  • I feel I am progressing well on this course and all my work is up to date. My relationship with my assessor is good, can contact Joanne at anytime and always gets back to me, always helps me with my work and gives me useful feedback on my work.
    Leanne P - Tempdent Student
  • I am enjoying the course, and I feel that I making really good progress. My assessor is really supportive and always helps as quickly as she can.
    Emma B - Tempdent Student
  • In the last 15 months I wouldn’t have got this far without Lisa pushing me and believing in me, Lisa has guided me all the way and supported me fully and pushed me when I needed it.
    Holly F - Tempdent Student
  • Minal's approach to teaching is, in my opinion, exceptional of the highest standards, her technique makes learning fun as well as interesting and it was always a pleasure to attend her classes.
    Lilian S - Tempdent Student
  • Great news today that I passed both my English and maths exams. I would like to thank Heather, as the revision session held before the exam really helped! Heather you are an amazing person and I would not have got through any of this without you! The support from you has been unreal! Thank you soooooo much xxxx
    Emma P - Tempdent Student
  • Been doing my national Diploma with this company and recently had to re-take a maths exam on Wednesday. Had a lady there called Heather who is truly amazing, she helped me feel a lot less nervous and her revision session was the best I have ever had. Thank you so much...!
    Becky J - Tempdent Student
  • I am currently on a course with tempdent! they have really helpful staff, especially my portfolio assessor Heather Cooper!!! Heather is brilliant and has helped and supported me throughout the course! She also has a great sense of humour which also helped :)
    Shauny B - Tempdent Student
  • Since the day I started the course, Katherine has been extremely helpful and approachable. She has made the course an extremely fun and interesting experience for me.
    Eleanor D - Tempdent Student
  • My assessor is amazing, she has helped me through a lot and I wouldn't have been able to do this course without her. Thank you so much Heather Cooper, you are my rock!
    Gemma H - Tempdent Student
  • My journey this past year has been but by far one of the best. Thank you to my assessor Lyn Evans and to the Tempdent team to help to organise the Webinars and Workshops to help us complete our qualification
    Samantha H - Tempdent Student
  • Thankyou so much for all your help, you are an excellent tutor! I must say my experience with Tempdent has been brilliant especially in comparison to my previous dental nurse training..looking forward to finally receiving my certificate
    Shannon Reilly - Student
  • Tempdent provided me with the most amazing help and support during my training. My assessor, Lynn really helped me through my course, she was very easy to approach. She had some brilliant tips and hits when it came to revising for my exams and I managed to qualify in just over a year which I do not think I could have done without such a great tutor. When I was really stuck on a project Lynn would make an arrangement for a support call where she broke down the project in a way I could understand what I had to do
    Shannon Feguson - Student
  • I have just finished my course with Tempdent and they were brilliant! Especially my assessor Anita, she always contacted me to make sure I was happy and on target, and was overall a brilliant support!
    Rochelle C - Tempdent Student

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